How Fleet Management Is Easier With GPS Tracking

Anyone who’s done the job for a few months will tell you that managing a fleet is no easy task. As the manager of each car, job, and driver’s movements through the day, you have to wear many different hats. Not only do you have to make sure each job meets customer needs, you have to make sure that driver behavior stays compliant and cars stay on the road, all while trying to crunch the numbers and make them come out even. That’s why, when a tool comes along that helps out with every aspect of a fleet manager’s job, it can make the whole business run that much more smoothly. From monitoring gas consumption to keeping drivers and customers safe and satisfied, here are just a few reasons how GPS tracking can make your life easier today.

Save on Gas

Gas is one of the most unpredictable cost factors you have to watch for as a fleet manager. If you already use fuel cards like WatchCard as a cost-cutting measure, you’re well on your way to saving a huge amount on gas through the year. But the money you spend on gas isn’t just about the upfront cost. It’s about what each vehicle’s MPG is and how that can be optimized: Either through modifying driver behavior or using gas consumption reports to make better choices when training drivers. Most types of tracking software will give you the option of installing an MPG tracker, as well as sending you a trip-specific gas consumption report to compare with other jobs and vehicles throughout the day. Using this technology, you can make educated decisions about retraining drivers or taking certain cars off the road. In general, most companies who use tracking software end up cutting down travel time by 30 minutes a day per driver, increasing efficiency and decreasing time on the road.

Enhance Customer Service and Communication

Customer satisfaction is a huge part of your business. When customers aren’t happy, it becomes your job to try and figure out what went wrong and prevent it from ever happening again. But what if you could prevent unhappy customer responses by creating realistic expectations for clients? What if you could keep your clients aware of your driver’s progress through every step of the journey? With tracking software, you can keep your customers aware of any potential delays in their shipment, whether through traffic or unexpected weather conditions, through real-time updates. Just as tracking software allows you to stay connected to your drivers, it can also help you strengthen your relationship with clients, keeping them happy enough to seek out your service time and again.

Keep Cars On the Road

No matter how well your drivers are trained, if your cars are constantly running into trouble on the road, you’re going to have a huge problem. When vehicles have to be taken off the road to be serviced, it creates a huge gap in efficiency. Not only does the cost of the repair eat into your budget, it also means you have fewer vehicles up and running on any given day, leading to overbooked jobs and expensive overtime costs. The best way to avoid costly, time-consuming repairs is to make sure your vehicles are closely monitored and maintained before a problem shows up. Tracking software alerts you to each vehicle’s vitals even before inspection, so that you can know exactly what needs to be serviced before a car reaches the critical stage. You’ll even be given detailed reports after each job that can alert you to potential issues with a vehicle, saving time, repair, and insurance costs all in one.

Monitor Safety and Fleet Productivity

Your fleet tracking software exists to make your job simpler. That means taking all the elements of your job, from driver modification to road optimization to administrative duties and budgeting, and rolls them all into one automated system. When you’re not constantly running through a checklist of items to be taken care of each day, you’re saving time by implementing everything automatically, from vehicle inspections to comparing gas consumption reports to creating better ways of achieving peak customer satisfaction. With tracking software, there’s absolutely no need for downtime between the moment a vehicle finishes a job and the moment you receive a comprehensive, detailed report of that job. There’s also no reason for any frustrating and time-consuming communication gaps between you and your drivers. From compiling raw data to creating a more streamlined fleet of cautious, compliant drivers, tracking technology takes care of it all so you can focus on the bottom line.