Importance of Operations Management to the modern Business

Some of the major importance and significance of contemporary operations management include efficient resource utilization, the accomplishment of goals and provision of foresight and vision. According to Peter F. Drueker, Management is the life-giving and dynamic element of every business organization. Management is the organ that brainstorms to provide a vision for any company. It is the force of accomplishing and integrating business objectives.

Objectives of operations management

The operational management of any business has two primary objectives it in needs to accomplish, and in many forms, the objectives can be said to be interrelated. The goals are resource utilization and customer service. The main aim of any business enterprise is customer service and satisfaction. This is mainly because when all is said and done, irrespective of the strategies applied, the entire purpose of the business will have failed if the consumer is unhappy with your product or service. It is the business of the operations manager and his team to ensure that the preferences and needs of the consumer are met using such applications as xMatters alternatives. The management also has the business of ensuring that the resources available are effectively utilized.


Whenever there is careless resource utilization in the business, the cost of production or doing business will go up which consequently reduces the profits margins achieved by the company. In this article, we shall discuss the importance of operational management to the modern business model.

Accomplishment of goals

It is the management that determines the goals of any business enterprise. The various departments of the organization all run in sync due to the strategies laid down by the departmental heads in conjunction with the managers. The management communicates the objectives and goals of the company to the staff and asks for their cooperation so that they can be achieved. All the activities and undertakings of the company are directed towards its objectives and goals. The success of any company solely depends on the clear-cut definition of the business objectives and goals.

Effective resource utilization

The managers in any organization must ensure that the available resources are efficiently utilized in the running of business operations. The business management eliminates all forms of operational wastage through organization and planning of the different departments involved in production. This achieves high levels of efficiency in the different branches of the business. The managers must also offer motivation to the employees to give their best performance which in turn increases productivity.

Sound organization

The management should keep in touch with the supplies and external environment foresight and vision of the business. The administration will also incorporate incentives that will ensure that the business can adapt to the demands of a dynamic business environment of the 21st century.

National growth and prosperity

Efficient resource management is equally critical for the smooth running of any organization. The effective management of any business is an important factor to social and economic development. The development of any nation is dependent on how well its resources are managed and utilized. Effective resource management is also key to economic growth and prosperity. This will consequently translate to better living standards for the general populace.